Thursday, 18 November 2010


I haven't blogged for a while but i was walking with a friend the other day and said friend said something about a number meaning something to him. I then got to thinking about what numbers mean something to me and here they are.

To start with 15: 15 is my lucky number though the reason isn't any sentimental reason. It's only because before i turned 15 i always thought that that was the age that i'd turn super cool and i'd reach the age where i would be super-fit, get a girlfriend and be the most popular guy ever... as it turns out nothing happened. Yet the number remained my lucky one nonetheless. I guess it represents hope and something to look forward to for me :D

Next 16: This number makes the list because at this age my mom was checking my hair for nits (never had them just to clarify) and she made a gasp of shock. Obviously i thought i had nits then in a twist if fate my mother founnd, and consequently pulled out, a grey hair. Yes i had a grey hair at 16.

16:2: This is here because when i was 16 it was the first time i got drunk without the supervison of my parents. It set the way for many other drunken nights out.

10: This is number of the Final Fantasy game that i first played. It was amazing and at once i was immersed in the epic storylines! I've played every game since.

18: The age that i became legal to drink in public places. This may have been a bad idea for the world to give me license to do this. Sorry to anything i've vomited on in the last 2 years.

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